Who am I?


I am a lucky person, to be born and raised in a loving and amazing family who has supported me in every step of my life. Being an only child, I was always in the spotlight, but having a great guidance, I believe it helped shape me into the person I am today – talkative, confident and ambitious.

I was blessed to be surrounded by different amazing people who have inspired me in every phase of my life.

I am a pure Romanian, therefore I proudly say that I am perseverant, very active and used to work hard to reach my goals.

ina mica

Early years & Hobbies

I started school at the age of 7 in a special 4 year programme called Step By Step. Step by Step School is a well ordered, caring community in which relationships are based on mutual respect, and empathy. They encourage children to develop self-discipline and respect, value the achievements and beliefs of others. Pupils are taught to understand themselves and the ones around them, seek significance and purpose in all their experiences, developing gracefully their personal and academical potential.

After many years of different types of education I can honestly say, that for my development and evolution both personal and professional, those were the most significant years in my life. Being allowed to set free my creativity and be myself from an early age, it was then when I had discovered my artistic side, writing and craft talent.

I strongly recommend and support this programme to be implemented all around the world.

I have finished high school in my home town; Timisoara, at Colegiul National Banatean, following the department of philology and meanwhile I was also always involved in different projects that were very fascinating for me at that time. I started the Popular Art School in parallel with my high school classes and I was holding drawing exhibitions, selling handmade craft at fairs, face painting children at events and so on. This was a good way of earning my pocket money, but also getting to know and spend time with fantastic people; hidden artists, old people, children, emotional teenagers, full of life youngsters, all sort of personalities that had two things in common: creativity and freedom.


After finishing high school I started studying Design Graphic in the University of Art and Design and in the same time attending the Western University of Timisoara, focusing on the foreign languages section (English and Latin).

Education & Project Initiation and Management

Soon after, I have moved to Denmark to study Multimedia Design and Communication at Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education, in Odense.

This College is Southern Denmark’s largest business academy offering a wide range of AP Degree Programmes and Bachelor Programmes for fulltime students.

Following my heart, I had applied for the Multimedia design programme (MMD), becoming almost overnight an international student in a country with a very interesting language which, trust me, is not very easy to learn.

During my AP programme I have created a lot of extra/curricular activities, all related to both creative and social field, discovering that I am a good planner and organizer, pushing myself to learn more about project management and communication.

I have been involved in the student union of the school (DSR) and managing different activities while having the position of vice chairman and then the chairman over the Multimedia design and Communication department.

Finishing MMD after 2 great years with a very successful internship, I had decided to widen and vary my education, and applied for a Bachelor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship programme.

Dreams & Interests

I am dreaming of opening a special center for people in need following the concept; “Healing through creativity” and I am sure that when the moment comes, this dream will be materialized into something exceptional and unique.

I am still creating my own projects; volunteering for asylums and orphanages, holding creative workshops at immigration centers, working with women and children, innovate activities for youngsters, cooking for people in need and so on… I am always trying to get people together and help in the situations where I can. This is a very important part of me; a feeling and need to fulfill the duty of giving to others that have less than I do and I enjoy doing this with all my heart.




I warmly welcome you to my portfolio-website inspired by the values of the way I am trying to build my lifestyle: stay active, trusting myself and keep on going, hoping to inspire others, who (like me) want to make a difference.

I invite you to follow on the journey, get involved in my projects, tell me about yours and others, help each other and live beautiful every day.  :)

Please feel free to contact me for questions or future collaboration.


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