2012 – Cup of Tea Social

Cup of Tea Social  is a friendly community, a place for all the latest trends, links and broadcasts in digital media.

Along with James Norwood and Adam Montandon, lecturers from Multimedia design college in Odense, Denmark, i have been part of the organizational staff that prepared the “Cup of Tea Social” event that took place in 26 October 2012.

The event was hosting great speakers from different well known companies, such as Stupid Studio, all of them presenting the social media impact, the importance of advertising, highlighting the power of social campaigns and more.

It was a great experience, a lot of great information presenting opportunities for students, and i am grateful that i was asked to take part of it and organize it.


After the official activity was over, the speakers were kind enough to spend time with students as friends, having a drink together and sharing experiences and advises.

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