2014 – Darinur SRL Internship Recommendation Letter

Butta Ramona

Darinur SRL

Timisoara, Romania


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Ramona Butta, and I had the pleasure to work with Ina Pura, aiming to open Darinur company here, in Timisoara, Romania.

I have been very pleased by this enthusiastic lady and by her cheerful personality.

We worked very well in team but also she has been engaged very well independently, managing to open the company from zero, being very strategic she has  created both an online and offline marketing campaign, following well thought development steps which led in the end to our first clients.

Ina is very punctual, always attending the meetings; she is well prepared for any situation and adjust very fast to inevitable changes.

She has many qualities which facilitated our collaboration making the work process very pleasant.

Ina is very attentive to details and she is always taking notes caring for client’s needs but at the same time she is being very professional and sticks to the decided plan.

Ina has an amazing warming smile in any situation; she is friendly and open-minded, she is full of joy and creative, always coming up with solutions and useful ideas.

It has been a delight working together; and hopefully her path will lead her back and take the manager position here.

I am recommending her with confidence that she will succeed in anything she sets her mind to and will be a valuable asset wherever she will go.

ramona semnaturadarinur stampila




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