2014 – Kent Karlsson

Kent Karlsson

Lecture of Film & Animation and Visualization

at Erhvers Akademi Lillebælt, Odense

For: Ina Pura


To whom this may concern


I feel privileged to write in recommendation of my dear sparkling student Ina Pura.

Ina started the course of Communication and Multimedia at MMD, Odense summer 2011. Through the 2 years plus at the College and through creative event and initiatives on her behalf, I’ve been lucky to follow a sweet enthusiastic girl grow though learning and experience.

Ina showed up with an aura of hope, a body of goodwill and a mindful insight, she had a natural approachable air about her. And from the very first days became at a strong sympathetic center of trust for both teachers and fellow students. She was selected for the position as student representative and helped creating school events and advising new as old students in practical and educational issues.

A very noticeable quality was the manner in which she always showed and enormous amount of enthusiasm and engagement in her projects and event. Many events were social creative workshops taking place outside school hours where the study rooms where decorated in a manner and mood suited for the project in question. Spooky theme for pumpkin head carving Halloween, egg painting at Easter among many, all events organized with love, come togetherness and creativity from a heart of gold. All events where a huge success, all participants left with a smile and an experience richer.

Ina has shown a natural talent for leadership and organizational management, she bears a thousand burdens with a calm beautiful smile, while making her surroundings fell well informed and free. Ina bears no grudges, is a compatible team player, she is someone one would wont to work with.

Ina is a talent and a remarkable person. Coming from Romania she was quick to adapt to the social and lingual changes, her communication skills is highly ranked and a natural given. Her range of compassion and understanding shows no boundaries.

Almost needless to say she left the Academy with a grade of 12 (it doesn’t get higher).

Ina was always present in class, well read, well structured and communicated on a high level in both project writing as presentations. Her creativity was/is well founded in the Arts and humanity, her aim is of highly goodwill nature – and always of immaculate quality.

It has truly been an adventures and unforgettable travel experiences Ina, she set out to prove herself, was dedicated, always keeping her end of the promises and gave the teachers and fellow students a time to remember.

I trust Ina to be an asset to anyone.


If you should ever need any additional information you can feel free to contact me at 28702012 or by email at mail@kentkarlsson.dk



Kent Karlsson




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