2013 – H.C.Andersen Museum – Internship Recommendation Letters

Hans Christian Andersen Museum – Internship Recommendation Letters
After half a year of working in collaboration with the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, that staff of the institution got to know me very well.

Finishing my internship with great success, both managers from Hans Christian Andersen Museum wrote me recommendation letters, both in English and in Danish.

Leading my great team with perseverance, i manage to put together several important projects that in time became assets to the institution, as well as organizing a big event: H.C.Andersen’s birthday celebration in 2nd of April, and also manage to cover and make a true impact over museum’s social media; online marketing.

We had a great outcome and success and i am happy and very proud that i manage to make myself noticeable and worthy to receive these letters.




I am very grateful and overwhelmed. Thank you!



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