2012 – Vice chairman in DSR Student Union

Student Council DSR, is the official body of Lillebaelt Academy that is assuring a co-operation between students on the various programmes and the management.


It’s an important factor in creating a good study environment. Each class selects a representative for the student council (DSR) that will participate at the meetings. All participants have the responsibility to deliver, collect and share viable information both to the council and it’s own class making sure that the communication is constant and relevant.

Like any other organization, DSR has it’s management panel composed by; a Chairman, a Vice chairman and a Secretary, elected by voting. The staff is expending further on with representatives for online communication – social media, workshop planners, graduation organizer and the school newspaper team MMD Gazette.


In 2012 i had the occasion to run for the vice chairman position over the MMD department; and for my surprise i was elected, even though at that time i was only in my 2nd semester at MMD.

Taking this spot on the panel, i was able to participate in taking decisions regarding events, started the DSR Facebook page, and helping organizing different workshops.

My first initiative of an extracurricular project, was the Free Hugs from MMD project.


Free Hugs project, wanted to show that even a foreign person can make a connection with a stranger even though it is a small one, it can be powerful in a way; If they can “steal a smile” with a hug, then the goal is fulfilled, the mission was successfully done and everyone was very happy!

The project was very well received in people’s eyes, it got itself up on the MMD’s website here, and later on it was requested by the school’s director, Michael Lundorff Hansen for the InnoEvent.


InnoEvent is the place where students and businesses collaborate in order to create new and innovative digital products for a better future. The hospital staff along with MMD and IT students, came together in order to find new solutions in future technology that will ease and improve patient’s quality of life. In the first meeting over 300 persons, students and doctors are participating and putting the grounds for the future challenges and projects; explanations, requirements, advises, expectations, forming groups. Free Hugs at INNOEVENT was the best way to start a huge project like this and get to know each other better, open up , smile and loosen up.


MMD students can honestly say that this project brought them closer and made them stronger, that participating and working together it was great fun and inspiring on many levels.

Hearing and getting great feedback from both strangers on the street and teachers, other students in school, i was very proud and got more confident, and desire to create more projects and realize that i have the capability of getting people involved, help them work together and motivate them to fight for their cause, regardless of its importance in others eyes.

During this time i have observed and learned how thing are going, how people are working, reacting and what it takes to create a good environment.

I have prepared myself for the next semester, when i was going to run for the Chairman position.



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