2012 – X-pand Exhibition

XPAND Exhibition took place at the Harbor in the city of Odense, Denmark in  2012.


Along with Kent Karlsson & James Norwood, teachers from the Multimedia design college, i have organized this event, starting from  arranging the schedule, the exhibition room, transport the materials and organize the bar area, and ending up with hosting a rock band,  and assure the media coverage: give interviews to the local TV channel, present the teams, exhibitions etc.

The Exhibition was held by multimedia design students, presenting their original various video projects.

Except from being part of the organization, i was involved also in the creation of a video project.


My video idea was to present life as we know it: being born, being average, and in the end, having no control over time; being dead and destroyed.

The hidden message is of course; to Live in the present, enjoy the moment, be grateful..time tells no lies.


I finalized  the video in 13 February 2012, after a long period of time of observation, just in time to be presented on X-PAND.

The footage is created from over 200 pictures, ending up in a stop motion film.


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