2013 – Chairman DSR Student Union

Chairman DSR 2013


DSR organizes events, manage news and information for enjoying better education; is a forum for processing problems within the school that interfere the students study. DSR fairly represents the position of all students clearly and accurately to the college’s administration and other educational authorities. Its mission is to have good communication between the students, the class representatives and the student council, and support the students in their education, both socially and academically.

After 2012, i decided to run for the Chairman position and try to apply my idea about how international and Danish students should interact better together.

The election was again in my favor, therefore i started organizing the projects that i had in mind for a long time.





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From my point of view i saw DSR as an opportunity to get people together, work on projects, get social and do something significant, learn from each other; both for the school itself but also on a personal level.

When i was elected as Chairman, i wanted to create different projects and bring national and international students more close to each other.

My contribution were projects like; Free Hugs,  MMD String Art, MMD Halloween- Pumpkin Carving, Game Fever, Workshops, MMD Cleaning Day, MMD Sports Team, and starting the Get Busy Facebook page where all the projects were advertised and all information updated.

Free Hugs project, wanted to show that even a foreign person can make a connection with a stranger even though it is a small one, it can be powerful in a way. The project was very well received in people’s eyes, it got itself up on the MMD’s website here, and later on it was requested by the school’s director, Michale Lundorff Hansen for the InnoEvent; therefore  Free Hugs at INNOEVENT was created also



String Art uses colored string, wool or wire to create geometric patterns. The ‘string’ is normally held between nails hammered into a base board. Multiple straight lines of string can form shapes ranging from simple curves to more complex designs resembling flowers, sailing boats, etc.

A team of 6 students join together and created a string art MMD board that still stands today in the school’s bar area.


Halloween- Pumpkin Carving took place the Multimedia design school with a bunch of creative students that made awesome pieces of art

I have contacted stores, get discounts, brought in a whole box of pumpkins ready to be transformed in cute, funny, scary faces.


The entire process and outcome was amazing, some teachers join in too and even brought their children


Creating these projects i also wanted to send out a message to all students; encourage and motivate them to create their own projects, ask for help, for participants, support, get started, get moving, do something on your own, see how it’s like before finishing soon, gain experience and have material to add in their CV.


A project like this was Game Fever; started by a group of students who wanted to get gamers involved, create events among community, have marathons, contests, win prizes, invite great speakers etc. They wanted to build a solid network of talented people that work together with specialists from the industry in order to create unique and beautiful games and experiences.

Activities of great importance that i have coordinated are also the workshops, built in order to improve students skills. The workshops are student based (no teachers) focusing on  learning together.  In the beginning of each semester surveys are conducted in order to find the subjects in which students feel more insecure about; there are “job openings” for different workshop subjects like: Communication skills, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML etc and well prepared students that feel capable to teach others, are volunteering to help and join these classes.

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Graduation is a happy occasion when faculty staff gathers to celebrate the achievements of students, along with their friends and families. Another important responsibility that DSR has is to plan the student’s graduation. Along with a great team, this event was successfully organized and beautifully celebrated.



“When you play a team sport you learn that it doesn’t just come down to the best player,” says Ross Morrison, a sports expert with the NSW Department of Education and Communities. Desiring to start a School’s Sport Team for MMD i have organized a Taekwondo session being supported by a student with many years of experience in this sport, volunteering to help me.


After taking interviews and see their opinion about this sport session, a lot of them were interested in having it again and finally they voiced their desire about having sports teams in school.
Therefore, a lot of students signed up for the list, and wanted to join in for different sports, and were preparing to create teams: volleyball, basketball and football.

I got in contact with other schools and also with centers where we could have rent the gym, and was preparing to make the schedules for each sport,  i have found representatives for each activity and even have the lists with the team members.

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Unfortunately, this project was out of my hand to continue, due to the start of my internship.


The “Cleaning Day” was a indoor project designed in order to build a common discipline and respect regarding the products/gadgets that we are using, but also among each other.



No one likes when the hands get sticky on the mouse or the keyboards are far away from being white, so in order to maintain and respect the equipment that we are using, we are having a special Cleaning day when everybody gets involved.

I was glad to have this initiative, because after i have started my internship and didn’t had time to take responsibilities for DSR anymore, my fellow students, and the new board took care of this to move forward.


Another important activity for me was holding the Portfolio lecture for the 1st semesters. In the beginning everybody feels lost regardless of what education they are starting. We are getting too much information at once, we have too many insecurities and awful frightening regarding exams, and we tend to forget very fast the essential instructions that we get. Therefore i decided to gather important material and create each semester a special presentation with information regarding students 1st exam project in this education (creating their own online portfolio).

The classes were a success, i was very proud to have a lot of students attending and their feedback upon this was very positive, which made the entire movement worth it.


Starting with being a vice chairman and then the chair person over the Multimedia design department in the student council, was a great honor and opportunity for me to  exercise my skills in organizing projects, coordinating people, take big responsibilities, create activities and bring positive changes that matter not only for myself, but for each individual in the school, and as well for the institution itself.

My implication and energy didn’t pass by unnoticed, since i had permanently the support and approbation from the director of Multimedia design, Michael Lundorff Hansen who was always open for new ideas and support me also financially when a project required that.

I can proudly say that i am glad and satisfied with what i manage to learn and apply during this time, and i am grateful that i was appreciated and even got a recommendation letter from the head of Multimedia design and Communication department, Michael Lundorff-Hansen.


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