2013 – DSR Workshop Facilitation – Odense, Denmark

When i was elected as Chairman, i wanted to create different projects and bring national and international students more close to each other.

Among different initiated projects  and educational workshops, another activity of major importance was organizing and facilitating the Portfolio lecture for the 1st semesters.

In the beginning everybody feels lost regardless of what education they are starting.We are getting too much information at once, we have too many insecurities and awful frightening regarding exams, and we tend to forget very fast the essential instructions that we get.

I was always attracted to the communication and management part of the education, I also have a very strategic thinking, and it is very easy for me to comprehend the theoretical side of the subjects and apply it in real life projects.


“I have taught Ina in business and communication. She was very enthusiastic about the subjects, and pursued the task of day with eager and always delivered creative solutions. She attended the classes with happiness and looked often for more in-depth topics within the subjects. – Karen Malene Andreasen- Business and Communication Lecturer Karen


Therefore i decided to gather important material and create each semester a special workshop with information regarding students 1st exam project in this education (creating their own online portfolio), how to fulfill the needs and expectations while staying active and keeping their interest in whichever subject that they are passionate about, maintain their interest regarding school activities and so on .

The classes were a success, i was very proud to have a lot of students attending and their feedback upon this was very positive, which made the entire movement worth it.





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