2013 – DSR Workshop Organizer & Facilitator

Activities of great importance that i have coordinated are also the Student Workshops, built in order to improve students skills and increase confidence.

The workshops are student based (no teachers) focusing on  learning together.

In the beginning of each semester surveys are conducted in order to find the subjects in which students feel more insecure about; there are “job openings” for different workshop subjects like: Communication skills, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML etc and well prepared students that feel capable to teach others, are volunteering to help and join these classes.

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Another important activity for me was facilitating the Portfolio lecture for the 1st semesters.

In the beginning everybody feels lost regardless of what education they are starting.We are getting too much information at once, we have too many insecurities and awful frightening regarding exams, and we tend to forget very fast the essential instructions that we get.

I was always attracted to the communication and management part of the education, I also have a very strategic thinking, and it is very easy for me to comprehend the theoretical side of the subjects and apply it in real life projects.

Therefore i decided to gather important material and create each semester a special workshop with information regarding students 1st exam project in this education (creating their own online portfolio), how to fulfill the needs and expectations while staying active and keeping their interest in whichever subject that they are passionate about, maintain their interest regarding school activities and so on .

The classes were a success, i was very proud to have a lot of students attending and their feedback upon them was very positive, which made the entire movement worth it.

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Examples of workshops:

Here are some pictures from the Photoshop Workshop, held in that semester by Emanuel Baran.

  • Use of the magic wand – like cutting out people and adding them in other photos.
  • Use of textures to make a basic poster.
  • Making a forum signature in Photoshop using a few starting images.
  • Demonstration of how a Graphics Tablet can be used in Photoshop.
  • Create wire-frames
  • Photo manipulation

Here are some pictures from the Adobe Flash Workshop, held in that semester by Andreea Mironiuc.

  • Graphics and Animation;
  • Create an animation from 0
  • Use simple stop animation

Here are some  pictures from the HTML Workshop, held in that semester by Alberte Grene & Emanuel Baran

  • Create your first HTML page
  • Tags, Attributes and Elements
  • Links, Paragraphs, Headings, Lists, Images
  • Tables, Forms
  • Putting it all together

The workshops were a success, i was very proud to have a lot of students attending and their feedback upon them was very positive, which made the entire movement worth it. I have learnt a lot organizing  these activities and i am very grateful i had the opportunity and got such open minded audience and volunteers willing for change and system improvement :)



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