2013 – Internship – H.C.Andersen Museum Odense, Denmark

Internship – H.C.Andersen Museum Odense, Denmark

I started my internship in 21 February 2013 and finished it in 19 April 2013 at Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense, Denmark, working in the same group of people that i have worked in the 3rd semester of Multimedia design education programme.


Being the project manager of this internship project, i had the responsibility of maintaining the work flow constant, the communication, mood and good attitude right on the spot, taking in consideration different factors; understand the professional and personal problems of each one, always be there, present and active, prepared to take over or push it further, and also be aware of everything going on during the process. These be told, i have been to every meeting with the client, always keeping contact with them via email, Facebook, phone or face to face.

In the beginning we  have created a list with various products that we could deliver and for our amazement, they were excited about all of our ideas, therefore we have started immediately our work strategy.

The products that we have implemented for H.C.Andersen Museum are:

  • Created and designed a special Website for children and implemented it in the museum’s official webpage
  • Created and designed 3 games, from which 2 are on touchscreens in the museum and the other one online
  • Designed a “Special Picture Board” with characters from different stories
  • Designed and translate an Interactive story on the screen in the Relaxing room inside the museum “Story of a Mother”
  • Designed and programmed an Interactive Floor with H.C.Andersen theme
  • Organizing H.C.Andersen’s birthday celebration event (2nd April)
  • Created a “Greetings video” from different countries designed specially for the 2nd April event
  • H.C.Andersen top life events “Motivational Projection” in the “Art Room” inside museum
  • Children activities: Indoor(treasure hunt & drawing exhibition) & Outdoor(egg stafet & jumping in bags race)
  • Programmed a projection inspired by H.C.Andersen’s paper-cut “Thief of Hearts”
  • Social media advertisement



Being the project manager of this internship, I had the role of maintaining the work flow constant, the communication, mood and good attitude right on spot, take in consideration different factors, understand the professional and personal challenges which may appear, always be present and active, prepared to take over and push the things further when necessary.

I have been to every meeting with our client, always being in contact with them via email, Facebook, telephone, or face to face. The main contact for design and interaction part of the project was Henrik Lubker, for the communication part, Ejnar Stig Askgaard and Rikke Jahn Svinding from Tinderbox (the cultural center for children, working hand in hand with HCA museum for creating the 2nd April event) was a great help advising us with the creative activities.


The managers were ver satisfied with our implication throughout the entire project;

“We at Hans Christian Andersen Museum have been very pleased with the collaboration between the museum and Ina Pura, Alexandra Popescu, Andrei Terbea and Orn Bender. Throughout the process the group has managed their production end with ease. They have been meeting deadlines and delivering the products as expected. At all times they have kept a positive attitude-even when we, for the sixth time, have asked them to change yet another small detail in a game or projection…They have worked well with and without guidance and rovided quick solutions to problems. With their many ideas and open mindsets they have been a welcome addition to the museum staff, and will be missed as such.” – Henrik Lubker (08.08.2013)

When i reflect back over those months, I realize that i won more than I have ever expected; starting with getting more and more experienced in Adobe suite  (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Indesign) to getting to know and understand people more, get better at organizing, co-coordinating and motivating them to begin working, to continue further on, or start all over when necessary.

The Interactive Floor:

The Greetings Video:

Motivational Projection:

The Story of a Mother Animation:

Thief of Hearts Projection:

Special children website: And the  games.



This project was like ‘my baby’ at this time, I was involved 100% body and soul, day and night, and I enjoyed every part of it. I am also very happy that the managers were very satisfied with our delivery and overall with my leadership skills in guiding the team, and both wrote me recommendations letters.

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