2014 – Internship – Darinur SRL Timisoara Romania

My Bachelor Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship ended with a great internship in Romania, where I had the opportunity to put in practice what have I learned in this time, by helping someone in opening her own company: opening a children club with after school program and special educational and creative activities.


Shortly after my arrival in Romania, I have been put in the lead of this project, and I had to make it happen very fast. I had to learn and make all the procedures needed in opening a company, from paperwork to going to lawyers, notary office, the registry of commerce, opening the company’s bank account, creating the files and folders for the important documents, organizing the day and workflow and so on.

Darinur Club is an educational institution that welcomes children after their classes.
At Darinur children will have lunch and a snack and after a small play break, they will be assisted by professionals to supervise and help with their homework.
The club offers space for theme parties and celebrations, rooms for rent for tutoring, special activities, both theoretical and practical for children between the ages of 4-12 years.
It is located in a clean and safe area, in a quiet neighborhood, and the building is newly built and specially designed for receiving children; beautiful and spacious playground field, with two courtyards. Transporting children from their school is optional for an individual fee.

Firstly having in mind the experience that children are having while attending this program, Darinur offers special activities such as ballet, dance, gymnastics, chess, creative workshops (piano, theater, modeling, drawing), foreign languages (English, French, German, Japanese) and many others, specially designed for the formation and harmonious development of our young. The activities also can take place entirely in a foreign language of choice.
The used materials and furniture are carefully chosen for age and needs of children.
The activities and schedules are well prepared for a wider range of needs taking in consideration the target group; parents and children:
Parents who are working over hours and want to have their children in a safe environment from where they can learn more in the after school program.
Children with interest in different subjects in which they can progress (ballet, judo, foreign languages and more) Rooms for rent for parties and anniversaries with different offers and price packages.


After opening the company I started preparing a strategy for the entire project:
A. A work flow with tasks per day that we need to make in order to reach milestones
B. A work schedule for club’s functionality after opening
C. A marketing strategy for the next year
D. Research


After insisting a lot on bringing something new on the market, I can proudly say that having the purpose of the business split in 3 levels (after school program, party program and special activities program) was the best thing to do for this children club, and the key element for the future success serving as our Unique Selling Point. There are other after schools, there are rooms to rent to hold an anniversary party, and you can sign in for ballet at the National Opera, but no one had all of them in the same spot.
When recruiting staff, we bonded with professionals.

The starting point online, was of course a small blog which was transformed in the official company’s website.

Talking about the marketing strategy, the connections were for sure of great importance. Using our network correctly, appealing to our close ones but also acquaintances, the way for advertising was smoother than if we had paid a marketing company.

I have started the activity on social media, where after having the first clients, testimonials started to appear. I used some of our customer client testimonials as powerful form of content, because this content adds important trust-building endorsements and makes for great brand-building assets.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were great platforms to inform our target audience about the activities that were developing at that moment.

When the building was ready, we were able to ask people to join in. Here I used free sample strategy, which had a great impact (free sampling strategy in my opinion is great because it can generate instantaneous demand for your products, services and facilities.)

Starting from zero and learning so many things in such a short period of time, I was able to apply what I have learned in school, what I have only read of or heard of, and have the best outcome that a start-up can achieve: getting the first clients and getting good feedback.


After coming to Denmark I continued to help from a distance for a while, wanting to gather experience and material for my CV. When needed, I found new staff from here, finding new people to collaborate with, and send them to her, guide her with the papers that she needs to fill in more, helping with future marketing ideas and advising her. Meanwhile other signed in for activities, other anniversaries were held, and the after school program was looking encouraging, since there were a lot enrolled, and the program was the most profitable from the entire schedule. But even there is a need and a huge possibility for Darinur Club to continue to prosper and bring in profit.

During the internship period we discovered that our team roles complemented each other very well in real life, reason why she wants and trusts me to take over Darinur Club, offering me the manager job.

This is a great opportunity and I am honored to be needed, and see my significance in the company but I for the moment I have chosen to focus on art therapy further on striving to reach my final goal and open my own art therapy center and work in this field.

My internship was a small treasure box found when and where I expected the least and I am 100% satisfied of it and I am proud to say that i have reached my goals;

  •  Assist and create the documents folder for the company (help opening the company step by step)
  •  Manage and create the activity plan for the after school (included in a business plan)
  •  Find outsourcing and use marketing when needed (eg. the school’s website, social media)
  •  Gain work experience


Finishing my Bachelor thesis linking my internship with “The Strawberry Project”, with the highest grade was a perfect way to end of my student life for the moment and a great beginning in pursuing my dream.

After graduation I was invited along with my colleague and dear friend Steffie Limere, to participate in a interview related to our successfully finished education :)

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