2015 – Ina’s Workshop

Ina’s Workshop is a big project based on social creative activities embracing the concept ‘healing through creativity’. Started in 2015, this project is one of many who has no deadlines and has its own platform where i am bringing new materials from time to time.


Having a great passion and hope for the opportunity to study art therapy, I am doing a lot of creative social projects on my own, in order to keep myself active in the field that I want to progress and work also in the future.

Ina’s Workshop is the place where I am announcing workshops and where I am showing my work, creative tutorials, social ateliers and facilitating activities.

My projects put first individuality and creativity, helping participants (givers) and the targeted audience (receivers) understand better the human way of functioning, through empathy.



See my YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Inasworkshop

lots of love




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