Autism Center in Odense, Denmark

Autism Center Odense, Denmark


Bihuset Bjerregårdsvej is a relaxation place for children and youth with autism in Odense, Denmark.

Bihuset receives children and adolescents aged 3-18 years with a diagnosis of autism spectrum.

The home has 12 seats, which are used by about 48 children and adolescents. They are divided into four groups according to their level of functioning, individuality and to some extent age.

This year (2014) we are celebrating Easter, all together,  because the holiday is fixed on the same date for every religion (in 20 April). This  will happen again in 16 April 2017 and in 20 April 2025.  Therefore, i wanted to use this advantage and organize an Easter project: A Spring Gift for children in the autism center, creating original handmade gifts.




Concept idea:

I used this project as part of my Bachelor program: choosing an elective that gave me the opportunity to teach 5 persons something useful; topic free of choice. I decided to use this real life project since people are getting more engaged when they have a certain goal.

Taking in consideration that partly i used it as a school project, i need to analyse the process and outcome, therefore i decide not to go with more than 7 persons.

The workshop took place at my former school Multimedia design in Odense, Denmark, since i got the permission from the director of the school to use a room (room that fit perfectly with my plans).

The entire session lasted 4 hours, the participants created beautiful gifts for children, they were satisfied and left with a smile on their face, therefore my goal was reached, and i feel accomplished.

I am very grateful and want to thank sincerely everybody that participated, and i am looking forward to create more workshops like this one!

The rest of gifts (5more) were made by the women from Langeland, at the refugee center, since they wanted to be part of this action too.

The gifts were taken to Bihuset before Easter time.



Live beautiful everyday!


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