Birkelund Orphanage in Odense, Denmark

Birkelund Orphanage Odense, Denmark



Birkelund is a residential institution in the community for children and young people aged 0 year to 23 years, located in Odense, Denmark, (in a quiet residential neighborhood in Odense NE (Seden), on the road to Kerteminde). Birkelund receive children and young people for the purpose of investigation and study – both socially-social educational and psychological. The orphanage has children in long-term care, kids that come from socially and / or emotionally deprived families, and as a result have often difficult social and personality struggles.

Birkelund is offering moral, emotional and material support to children, doing their best to assure a safe and productive future for them in the community.

In November 2013 i started a “movement” among students and friends from Odense, and created an Event on Facebook where I asked for help in order to collect toys, and sweets before Christmas and deliver them to the children at the orphanage.

The staff from Birkelund were very open and happy to participate, and they have provide all the information needed (number of children, gender, needs).

I am happy to report that in a month, the amount of toys collected  was unexpected (in a good way   ) We have managed to gather a lot of toys, a bag full of sweets and even clothes.

In 8th December i have packed everything, and the following morning with some dear friends, we have taken the presents to Birkelund.

The staff was very impressed and emotional and as a thank you, gave in return a picture of the institute, that they had it on a pinboard.

I am happy that this project was successfully fulfilled in time, i am happy that we helped bringing a smile for children in need at Christmas time, i am happy that people were inspired and make a priority out of this and got involved.

During this activity i saw also great sparks in people that inspired and motivated me to continue and wish for more.

I was specially moved by this young man, that found a well payed job and along with the governmental help, he can manage very well now and afford a lot more, after a long period of “international student life typical struggle”. He was very touched by this movement and participated with joy and excitement, not only giving away from his own home, but buying new and qualitative toys for these children.

I am happy when people don’t forget where they came from and invest generously in others needs and feelings.

A lot of other students asked their folks to send packages from home with their old toys in order to give away, which i think it’s amazing! Other bought from their own pocked sweets…

The entire process, aware me that people only need to be pushed, reminded, and awaken from the stressful-everyday-routine-life and they will get involved, they will participate, they will fight for a wonderful cause!

I am very grateful to each and everyone that helped, thank you again!



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