Creative String Art

Creative String Art


String Art was a project that took place at the Multimedia design school while i was the head of the board of DSR, Student Union Council.

My aim was to bring together international students along with danish students and work together not only on curricular projects but also on extracurricular creative fun projects.

String Art uses colored string, wool or wire to create geometric patterns. The ‘string’ is normally held between nails hammered into a base board. Multiple straight lines of string can form shapes ranging from simple curves to more complex designs resembling flowers, sailing boats, etc.

I was preparing the activity before, having the financial support of the school’s director Michael Lundorff, i was able to buy the colored strings needed and collect the materials in time; i asked for help to get the tools and the wooden board, from the carpentry school nearby, Odense Tekniske Skole ; students which were very friendly and cooperative.

The entire process and outcome was great; A bunch of students join together and created a string art MMD board that still stands today in the school’s bar area.


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