Game Fever

Game Fever

Creating different projects being a DSR chair man over the Multimedia design department, i also wanted to send out a message to all students; encourage and motivate them to create their own projects, ask for help, for participants, support, get started, get moving, do something on your own, see how it’s like before finishing soon, gain experience and have material to add in their CV.


A project like this was Game Fever; started by a group of students who wanted to get gamers involved, create events among community, have marathons, contests, win prizes, invite great speakers etc.

My contribution to them was in the 1st place my support and encouragement to create their own project and move forward with it.  I have also guide them in developing their 1st event; find an opening for the conference room, helped them create T-shirts, have snacks and drinks for the guests etc.

Game Fever is a gamer driven community, and we are here to bring gaming together,is a project that unifies gamers in order to establish a community that is driven by the same common passion (game industry). They want to build a solid network of talented people that work together with specialists from the industry in order to create unique and beautiful games and experiences.


Through different events they wanted to bring in the spotlights how big and important gaming is today how much we can learn through them  and also have a nice time meanwhile.

The project strives to expand the culture of games, by allowing them to participate in different types of activities that they could not accomplish by themselves (such as courses, tournaments etc)

Overall the guys managed to create a successful event: “The Intro Day”, where they have prepared a complete presentation, along with a contest.

The concept was clear in everybody’s mind, they have manage to recruit a lot of participants, and had future successful events.

(See more photos game fever)

As time passed, the word of mouth  spread and showing great passion and knowledge about this field, the initiator of Game Fever, Emanuel Baran, was even  invited to host a presentation and speak about Game Trends for GameLab4Healthevent.

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