Pumpkin Carving for Halloween

Pumpkin Carving



Pumpkin Carving was a project that took place at the Multimedia design school while i was the head of the board of DSR, Student Union Council.

My aim was to bring together international students along with danish students and work together not only on curricular projects but also on extracurricular creative fun projects.

This event took place in 31 October 2012 in the afternoon, where students join with excitement. I was preparing the activity some time before, having the financial support of the school’s director Michael Lundorff, i was able to buy pumpkins and decorative materials in time.

I am happy to say that i manage to get  a great discount for over 20 pumpkins, i got help from teachers that volunteer to help with the decoration of the class and i had a great team of students that helped and supported me from beginning. I am a lucky one

The participants mixed up in groups. Each group got a pumpkin, that they need to carve and make it as creative and funny as possible.

In the end we had a beautiful exhibition and by voting 3 pumpkins were picked as being the best innovative and creative ones.

The given prizes were well thought prom the beginning in order to bring joy to everybody! Therefore we had for the 3rd place biscuits, for the 2nd place cookies and for the 1st place a Halloween cake.

All sweets were split among all participants, and all together had a great fun and it truly was a relaxing, creative afternoon.

The entire process and outcome was amazing, some teachers join in too and even brought their children.

The pumpkins were kept in the school, decorating the hallway, until the Friday bar crew prepared a Halloween party were they were being used as decorative candle lamps.

see more photos from the event here. :)


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