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Shortly after my arrival in Romania for my internship, I have been put in the lead of this project, and I had to make it happen very fast. I had to learn and make all the procedures needed in opening a company, from paperwork to going to lawyers, notary office, the registry of commerce, opening the company’s bank account, creating the files and folders for the important documents, organizing the day and workflow and so on.


Darinur Club is an educational institution that welcomes children after their classes. Focusing on our special target group, the scope of this project is to create a suitable environment for the children where they can join after their school classes, and/or can also apply for different educational, interactive activities.
The desired result would be to successfully open the children’s club and increase the number of applicants, make the children come back to Darinur after their first visit.

During this internship I have taken the responsibility to also create the company’s website, and maintain the awareness through social media.

The starting point online, was of course a small blog that transformed after in the official company’s website.

For the website I have chosen to use WordPress since it is very convenient and easy to use.  Wordpress does not require PHP nor HTML knowledge, unlike Drupal, Joomla or Typo3. A preinstalled plugin and template function allows them to be installed very easily.
It’s a good choice for beginners, and  i new that it would be convenient for anyone who would take over the online activity after i would have left.

Talking about the marketing strategy, the connections were for sure of great importance. Using our network correctly, appealing to our close ones but also acquaintances, the way for advertising was smoother than if we had paid a marketing company.

I have started the activity on social media, where after having the first clients, testimonials started to appear. I used some of our customer client testimonials as powerful form of content, because this content adds important trust-building endorsements and makes for great brand-building assets.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were great platforms to inform our target audience about the activities that were developing at that moment.


Fără titlu

I have fulfilled the needs and expectations of my client, and started a great online marketing campaign for raising, maintaining and expanding awareness about Darinur SRL, which was taken further on after i finished my internship.

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