Social Media Manager – Hans Christian Andersen Museum


During this internship I  had the pleasure to be made an administrator on the museum’s page, and I was constantly updating the Facebook page and raise the awareness through social
media, of the activities that are being held in the museum, adding pictures, creating new
albums, and getting visitors involved.
Their Facebook page was rarely updated and they had only around 430 likes with very few visits.

From day 1, I have gathered materials and created new albums, get people involved, add pictures, videos, show what’s going on in the museum etc.
The 1st new album was “Visitors Album”, where we have invited all visitors from the museum to upload their pictures. We made a poster with a QR code that we have put it in different places in the museum, so that visitors can scan it and upload it directly to the page. The album was a good idea, people have sent pictures and share them to other friends, bringing more visitors to the page this way.

Also other albums were created for “H.C.A.’s Museum, and also one for H.C.A’s Hus”, with
beautiful edited pictures that were took, while visiting the museum.

“Children exhibition” album, was also added in 22 March, where I was solicited to be at the event, and document the activity taking pictures and videos during the paper cuts exhibition.

There is now also “H.C.A in Odense” album, where I have added pictures with statues
with the author taken from the city, or granite squares in the pavement with H.C.A “Sunhead” paper cut

After the 2nd of April event, I have added several new albums: “2nd April 2013 Celebration”
where visitors can see the the grand award and activities inside the museum. “2nd
April 2013 outdoor activities”, where visitors can look into fun pictures that we took during
the egg stafet and sack race in the museum’s yard. Also “treasure hunt 2nd April 2013”
album it’s on the page, having wonderful pictures from Tinderbox.

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I have constantly updated the page, announce the activities/ exhibitions that are going to take place in the museum, ask about greetings videos, upload original covers etc, and until the end of our internship, the number of subscribers grew over 600.

I think that is very important to use nowadays “the power of social media”, be sociable,
and always update and inform visitors, from 3 to 4 days, this way the information will pass
further on, online (sharing with their friends) but also offline, trough word of mouth.

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