The Strawberry Project

The Strawberry School Project


Having the desire to open my own center of art therapy some day i have used this concept idea for an exam project as part of my  Bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme.

The process and outcome was very satisfying and it was a great experience and heads’up for what is next to come if i will get oriented in this direction.


As a proof that The Strawberry Art School ‘s concept is viable and can be applied, a real creative workshop was conducted that will function as an experiment and show exactly the process of swinging moods for the better.

Before starting the workshop, each subject was interviewed, regarding his emotions, mood, experience from previous week, other day etc.
The participants then, received a story line that they needed to follow, and by using clay, tried to give life to it and express the story’s message as best as they could.

Interview #1

Before Workshop: was conducted in the same day with the clay workshop (28.11.2013) at 17:00. The participants had to answer a set of general questions regarding their participation at the workshop and their emotions before the activity.

Note: after Interview #1 the participants found out the theme of the workshop and the story they had to create from clay and they started to work on it together.

Interview #2

After Workshop: was conducted immediately after the story was created and all the pictures aimed to form the stop motion video were taken. The interview included questions about their mood and feeling after the creating process.

Note: in the following days after the workshop, randomly chosen people saw the video with the final result (the final stop-motion movie) and their first reaction was recorded. Here we have to mention that the participants at the workshop had no clue about the future plan, nor about the “Reactions video” which was the surprise element of the workshop and another very important part of the experiment.
When the compilation was put together, the participants were asked to join together again in order to see the result and take part in the final interview.

Their beautiful product:

The “Reactions video”:

Interview #3

Was conducted (4.12.2013 18:00) immediately after the participants saw for the first time the stop motion video done with the story they created, and also the surprise video with reactions from others to their beautiful product.

They had delivered a very nice and expressive product, the pictures were very well taken and the message was very clear for everybody, therefore the video had the wanted impact on them but also on other viewers.

After seeing these videos, the interviewers were asked to answer again a short set of questions, about their emotions, their opinion about the outcome and entire process, about their participation at the workshop and also give opportunity to give advises and suggestions for the future similar activities.

Creative Clay Workshop:

2013-11-28 16.25.59

Overall it was great fun, very educative and useful experience and the exam was passed with high grade. :)



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