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Miere Sabadus is a Romanian family business selling their home made honey :)


It all started when in seek of an ulcer recipe, needing authentic natural honey the one that can be found in stores could not be trusted.

Following their motto “Learn from bees – It’s easier to prevent than to cure!”, the family decided to open their own company they began to invest little by little in be hives starting with 5 clusters, and getting in only one year to an apiculture pavilion of 35 bee families.


They are owning also a store, but their online business is the primary focus since they are traveling around the country at fairs and markets, exhibitions to sell their products.

I had the pleasure to work for them for more than half a year, and during this time i helped them with their website issues and social media challenges.

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In this period I took care of the media maintenance, creating videos and marketing their interviews online,

edit pictures, adding new posts, new albums about the products, recipes that can be used in, daily honey topic jokes, daily honey topic  news, initiated new online contests since they have many loyal customers which just needed to be engaged correctly, and i was also offering blogging services, writing articles for them.


TV interviews and clients opinions:


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