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Starting from end of summer 2015 until the end of the winter holidays i have participated in the growth of SMARTERS start-up company in Romania, as content marketer (social media specialist and blogger) both for the company as well as for the company’s clients.

SMARTERS aims to be the first Growth Hacking marketing company in Romania.

The company’s purpose is to change the way marketing and entrepreneurship is done in the country. The way to achieve this is by infusing the other companies and individuals as well with the Growth Hacking “attitude”, which means using a more professional, growth focused, data based approach to business.

In order to fulfill this vision the company offers both marketing consultancy and services, but is also developing independent projects. Content and inbound marketing is the main focus and are specialized on online businesses.

Our team was made of 4 persons at that moment (August 2015) all of us contributing to the growth of the start-up.



One of the company’s individual project is Grozav Media.

grozav media

GrozavMedia hopes to be the first truly cross-device, multimedia platform in Romania that offers you what you want to read when you want it. The aim is to prove that Romanians do read quality and useful content if it’s presented in an interesting and accessible way.

Using our marketing, psychology and customer behavior knowledge in order to present the content in an engaging way, we want to make the reading experience seamless on any device, this includes the web, mobile and soon enough smart watches and what technology comes next.

We believe that in order for a publication to be successful it must not only draw readers’ attention, but also to keep them coming again and again on the platform through a great individualized reading experience and smart customer retention.

On a medium term it is wanted that this project will truly become a platform where anyone who has something of quality to say, he/she can do it easily and if the content is validated by the public to have a much higher impact and reach through this platform. The project is still in development, please support it also on GrozavMedia Facebook page.

grozav media1


grozav media3

While others have responsibilities such as, web & graphic designer, strategist and programmer, my task was filling the role of content marketer in the team.

In the period of 3 months, the start-up managed to get income and assure the profit for the next 6 months to come. There is a variety of client’s needs that SMARTERS covers.

From the costumers that the company had at that time, the team encountered various activities to improve such as consultancy, finance, offline marketing campaigns, online marketing campaigns, visual elements or web development services all in which the graphic design played a very important role, because as we all know, design sells!

Applying for this job I was expecting a normal growth within the company and I knew my role from the beginning. After a while, being a start-up with potential in different business areas i have expanded my tasks and accepted to work also as video producer and editor and sales and clients person when needed.

Apart from social media marketing and blogging- writing business & communication articles, these were the most fulfilling moments throughout the entire experience. Who knew that I might be good at sales? :) Well I didn’t until recently.

I took part in important meetings with clients, also participated in recruiting interns for our initiated project (Grozav Media), I have also signed contracts and brought clients and money for the company and created interviews/ videos and social media visuals.

As an example of videos out of the job description agreement, for Lotus21Investments a consultation company which needed social media elements, editing video blogs and website graphic design we have created video blogs to increase and educate their clients in which we debated business subjects such as the importance of strategy, negotiation, profitability and many more.

Another dear project to me was #lifeismore, an educational project aiming to motivate and inspire teenagers


For this project i have worked a lot on a stop motion teaser video that was aimed to raise awareness on social media about the activity. For more about this project, please visit this page.

Reflecting back on everything, it’s been quite a trip – It’s been a great journey with lots more to look forward to.



In relation to my future professional life I am proud to say that the knowledge and experience gained throughout these months added to my background practice and represents great support in building my self-confidence regarding expressing my opinions as team member– matter which of course is of great importance and also learnt how to deal with (difficult or not) clients!

This will most definitely leave a mark on my future professional activities.

I have stopped working after 4 months since I had to return to Denmark.

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