2016 – Internship – Red Barnet Save Children, Odense, Denmark

In the spring of 2016 I have applied for an internship at Red Barnet Save Children Denmark, a social association working hand in hand with Red Cross all around the world.


Photo: Save the Children / Ahmad Baroudi

Every hour there are 135 children who are fleeing out of Syria.  Five years of war have devastated the country.

A large part of the population is now living as refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. But life as a refugee is a hard life for a child.

Families live in uncertainty and do not know when they can return home – or where the next meal will come from!

The children lack food, water, medicine, warm clothing and a safe place to sleep at night.

With help from people everywhere we can help children to a better future.


Red Barnet Save Children Denmark is a retail shop selling children clothes and toys and deliver all income to families in need. With the help of the community the store is doing well and sending money constantly, assuring food, medicine and clothing for the mentioned situations. The need is tremendous!

Save the Children is the massive presence in the refugee camps in the neighboring areas. Volunteers distribute food, medicines, tents and warm clothing. We create safe areas for children and provide schooling for them.

Being a charity, the center is functioning only through volunteering and therefore there might not be any job opportunities for people who want to get involved in something like this. But regardless the material issues and “practical aspects of life” I really wanted to have this experience and work for this center.

red barnet

I have asked for an internship, where I would work in the official store and help with the internal organization, retail and client management, also coming up with innovative ideas and solutions for better offline functioning (eg: handmade craft for clothes dividers), but also take advantage of my previous education and assure a better online promotion (social media elements, Facebook and Instagram videos and posters); Using my video production skills to create fun and friendly videos for their social media platform to raise the awareness and bring more customers in.

I am very proud with this experience since I strive to work in the social field and help others as much as possible; I have also learnt so many new things related to running a store and managing various internal situations within the organization. I have enhanced my knowledge and experience and I am now even more prepared for participating in social organizations and initiating similar and much needed selfless activities.

I have ended my internship, but i am still volunteering and help the organization as much as i can and go to work with pleasure along with the other great people that i have met there.

I am also very happy that the coordinators of the project here in Odense, were very satisfied with the delivery and overall with my implication and wrote me a recommendation letter.

Help us save children’s lives and give a future to children who have lost everything! Thank you for your support.

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