Christian Association For Help in Timisoara, Romania

Bucurie de Craciun 2015 (Joy for Christmas 2015) was a social project made in Timisoara, Romania in December of 2015.

This Christmas Project was aiming to help parents and children from the Christian Association For Help (Counseling and Orphanage Center of families in need)

Claudia Rita Radu, the founder of the association is a woman of great faith and value- opened in 2005 Christian Association For Help, to offer children and families in need social assistance, psychological support, psycho-pedagogical counseling -provides educational activities, tutoring and school recovery and also spaces for recreation and socializing.


When I started this project I wasn’t expecting many people to get involved especially because I haven’t announced on any social media platform about it. I was expecting something small and symbolic but instead; word of mouth proven its power again and we have managed to collect toys and clothes for these children from many big hearted families.

I had a great desire to make a connection between children who have a normal material situation, a family, and opportunity to study at a great school, with these less lucky children from the center. The purpose was of course to plant an emphatic seed and teach children to help one another and learn to build a friendship regardless of one’s background.

The 1st graders from Step By Step primary school, Avram Iancu Gen. 19, Timisoara, were involved in this project.

I have facilitated a class activity where we have created together clay figurines and painted/decorated them as Christmas gifts for the center.

The young students worked with pleasure and joy; they have created beautiful Christmas tree decorations and wrote letters for the children at the center.

I am truly thankful to the teachers, Alina Simona Gheran and Mihaela Ritter-Subota for letting me work with the class, and nevertheless I am grateful for working with these wonderful children for such a great and heartwarming cause.

I have said before and I will say it again- I strongly believe in new generations and in the power that we can give them to change this world for the better. Love and Education are the key.

The school donated a Christmas tree to the center and together with the children we have decorate it with the gifts received from the class.

Offer your support on the association’s Facebook page.

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