#Lifeismore Youth Project


#lifeismore is an educational project initiated in 2016, aiming to motivate and inspire teenagers and show them that there is more to life than only the daily hassles.

Anca Uzun, trainer and founder of this project, often gets involved in social projects and initiate various and meaningful activities.

She had put a lot of heart and effort in this activity to come up with efficient and relevant material for a great course to empower teenagers personal development.

For this project i have worked a lot on a creative stop motion teaser video that was aimed to raise awareness on social media about the activity.

I have worked with pleasure for Anca and her creative project and i hope this great initiative will blossom and continue to activate also in the future. :)

A project addressed to teenagers who want to discover that life is more than the day-to-day issues, a inspirational and motivational project which can change youngsters lives and perspectives for the better.

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