2016 – Vegan Friends

Vegan Friends

Vegan Friends is a family project initiated by my fiancee Adrian and I, in February 2016 aimed to emphasize compassion and respect for our planetary companions and the Earth that we live on.

Bringing you statistics and scientifically proven facts along with interesting pieces of information about health, animals and the environment around us, we strive to raise awareness about the importance of a vegan lifestyle.

On our website and our social media pages you will find constantly updated material, as we are working hard to deliver entertaining and educational content.

We are considering all ages and interests of our website visitors, therefore:

  • We are acknowledging health issues which the majority of the western population is facing, and the importance of changing the lifestyle that most of us were raised to consider normal.
  • We are bringing you healthy plant based vegan recipes and also present some vegan alternatives for meat, dairy and eggs that we are trying out and find to be delicious, easy to make and affordable to everybody.
  • We are opening up about our daily lives – our vegan journey with benefits and challenges and how we are dealing with it all. We can all learn from each other ?

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Vegan Friends

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