Thank you for taking the time to review my  application :)

I have a profound love for all living beings around me; environment, people, animals, therefore I don’t eat them, don’t harm them in any way!

I strive to use my experience, education and knowledge to raise awareness, promote, get involved to make good changes and work with organizations that share my view.

Today’s top organizations’ growth and success depends, among other things, upon their dedicated, loyal, and hardworking employees. I am rezoning well with creative and hard working communities, and with my skills, dedication, and persevering attitude, I will assure you that I will do everything in my power, to be a valid asset for the organization and the current activity in which i am implicated.

Who am I?

My name is Ina Pura and I am 26 years old. I am an ambitious woman with a positive mindset, expressing my opinions and views in a respectful manner – giving room for others to express theirs. I take ownership of my assignments and with an outgoing personality and great communication skills; I easily connect with new people and build close and trustworthy long-term relationships.

I appreciate an open and honest environment, where communication and cooperation in a team, are a natural part of a working day.

As a former student of Multimedia Design, with a Bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, studying Marketing and Communication, I understand the importance of branding and I have gained a lot of experience working with people, project management, multimedia design and social media, during my extra and curricular activities, as well as during my internships.

I am experienced in social and emphatic projects, social media, leadership management, communication & project management, and I come with a great understanding of the tools, that every fast moving environment organization, needs in order to succeed.


Furthermore, I enter every work relation with a high level of energy, strong working ethics and determination – always focusing on both process and end result.



I enjoy generating and developing different projects, and in order to gain experience and improve my performances, I have always been active starting my own movements getting involved in extra and educational projects. I have started working on my own projects since I was in school wanting to gain knowledge in working with different types of characters and various situations.I discovered that I have the ability to bring people together, facilitate their work and motivate them to start, pursue and end up their work with satisfaction by reaching the goal in the pre-established deadline.


What can your organization gain from collaborating with me?

  • Creative thinking!
  • A resource to analyze and solve current problems and challenges
  • New ideas, new perspectives, and new knowledge in forms of product-process- or service innovation
  • A change facilitator and a project manager
  • A handy and crafty person with initiative and innovative approach
  • An emphatic, friendly and hard working capable woman
  • A great (and sarcastic at times) sense of humor!


What can I contribute with?

I am a trained entrepreneur excelling in business and marketing with a multimedia designer and video producer background, I come with extensive knowledge in all the programs needed within this line of work and I am flexible and open to evolve and learn new concepts, adapting to new situations.

From the many projects and internships I got involved, I come with various knowledge regarding leading teams and organizing both coworkers and the workflow itself, having successful results, while respecting deadlines.

Another strong quality of mine is that I am a people person and I am excellent in facilitating compromises between people, and building bridges between stakeholders. I strive to improve communication in the activity environment, to increase and benefit the work performance of the organization.

In order to maintain interest I seek to bring on the table a pallet of new and creative ideas, concerning daily social and business and development.

If you find my profile interesting, I hope there will be a possibility to elaborate my CV further in a personal meeting.

Welcome to my CV! :)


I am looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards
Ina Pura


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