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2015 – Crafting for Seniors Workshop – Odense, Denmark

Havebæk Plejecenter is an asylum for seniors in Odense Denmark. The staff are prioritizing activities and they are very open to collaboration in creating creative and active projects for the tenants. The Senior Citizens and Disabled Management’s overall vision is to support the individual in maintaining and creating an active, dignified and meaningful life. “All people should be treated differently, and we… Read more →


2014 – A Spring Gift Workshop – Odense, Demnark

Autism Center Odense, Denmark Concept idea: I used this project as part of my Bachelor program: choosing an elective that gave me the opportunity to teach 5 persons something useful; free of choice topic. I decided to use this real life project since people are getting more engaged when they have a certain goal.   Taking in consideration that partly… Read more →

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2014 – Creative Workshops at Refugee Center – Langeland, Denmark

Asylum life in Langeland, Denmark I am very honored to say that i have made some wonderful friends while volunteering at the Asylcenter in Langeland, in a small town called Humble, Denmark, participating in creating events in order to ease their existence through the rough time. On every Monday i was holding creative workshops, teaching them various hand made techniques, creating different… Read more →


2013 – DSR Workshop Facilitation – Odense, Denmark

When i was elected as Chairman, i wanted to create different projects and bring national and international students more close to each other. Among different initiated projects  and educational workshops, another activity of major importance was organizing and facilitating the Portfolio lecture for the 1st semesters. In the beginning everybody feels lost regardless of what education they are starting.We are getting too… Read more →