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Vegan Friends

2016 – Vegan Friends

Vegan Friends is a family project initiated by my fiancee Adrian and I, in February 2016 aimed to emphasize compassion and respect for our planetary companions and the Earth that we live on. Bringing you statistics and scientifically proven facts along with interesting pieces of information about health, animals and the environment around us, we strive to raise awareness about the importance… Read more →


2015 – Ina’s Workshop

Ina’s Workshop is a big project based on social creative activities embracing the concept ‘healing through creativity’. Started in 2015, this project is one of many who has no deadlines and has its own platform where i am bringing new materials from time to time. Having a great passion and hope for the opportunity to study art therapy, I am doing a… Read more →


2014 – Internship – Darinur SRL Timisoara Romania

My Bachelor Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship ended with a great internship in Romania, where I had the opportunity to put in practice what have I learned in this time, by helping someone in opening her own company: opening a children club with after school program and special educational and creative activities. Shortly after my arrival in Romania, I have been… Read more →


2013 – DSR Workshop Organizer & Facilitator

Activities of great importance that i have coordinated are also the Student Workshops, built in order to improve students skills and increase confidence. The workshops are student based (no teachers) focusing on  learning together. In the beginning of each semester surveys are conducted in order to find the subjects in which students feel more insecure about; there are “job openings”… Read more →


2013 – Chairman DSR Student Union

Chairman DSR 2013 DSR organizes events, manage news and information for enjoying better education; is a forum for processing problems within the school that interfere the students study. DSR fairly represents the position of all students clearly and accurately to the college’s administration and other educational authorities. Its mission is to have good communication between the students, the class representatives and the student council, and… Read more →


2012 – Vice chairman in DSR Student Union

Student Council DSR, is the official body of Lillebaelt Academy that is assuring a co-operation between students on the various programmes and the management. It’s an important factor in creating a good study environment. Each class selects a representative for the student council (DSR) that will participate at the meetings. All participants have the responsibility to deliver, collect and share viable information both… Read more →


2012 – X-pand Exhibition

XPAND Exhibition took place at the Harbor in the city of Odense, Denmark in  2012. Along with Kent Karlsson & James Norwood, teachers from the Multimedia design college, i have organized this event, starting from  arranging the schedule, the exhibition room, transport the materials and organize the bar area, and ending up with hosting a rock band,  and assure the… Read more →


2012 – Cup of Tea Social

Cup of Tea Social  is a friendly community, a place for all the latest trends, links and broadcasts in digital media. Along with James Norwood and Adam Montandon, lecturers from Multimedia design college in Odense, Denmark, i have been part of the organizational staff that prepared the “Cup of Tea Social” event that took place in 26 October 2012. The event was… Read more →