Social & Emphatic


Christian Association For Help in Timisoara, Romania

Bucurie de Craciun 2015 (Joy for Christmas 2015) was a social project made in Timisoara, Romania in December of 2015. This Christmas Project was aiming to help parents and children from the Christian Association For Help (Counseling and Orphanage Center of families in need) Claudia Rita Radu, the founder of the association is a woman of great faith and value-… Read more →


Birkelund Orphanage in Odense, Denmark

Birkelund Orphanage Odense, Denmark   Birkelund is a residential institution in the community for children and young people aged 0 year to 23 years, located in Odense, Denmark, (in a quiet residential neighborhood in Odense NE (Seden), on the road to Kerteminde). Birkelund receive children and young people for the purpose of investigation and study – both socially-social educational and psychological. The orphanage has children in long-term care, kids… Read more →


Havebæk Plejecenter Asylum in Odense, Denmark

Havebæk Plejecenter is an asylum for seniors in Odense Denmark. The staff are prioritizing activities and they are very open to collaboration in creating creative and active projects for the tenants. The Senior Citizens and Disabled Management’s overall vision is to support the individual in maintaining and creating an active, dignified and meaningful life. “All people should be treated differently, and we… Read more →


Autism Center in Odense, Denmark

Autism Center Odense, Denmark Bihuset Bjerregårdsvej is a relaxation place for children and youth with autism in Odense, Denmark. Bihuset receives children and adolescents aged 3-18 years with a diagnosis of autism spectrum. The home has 12 seats, which are used by about 48 children and adolescents. They are divided into four groups according to their level of functioning, individuality and to… Read more →


Asylum life in Langeland, Denmark

Asylum life in Langeland, Denmark  (Photo: Denmark, Langeland, spring) An asylum seeker is a foreigner, who is applying for the right to live as a refugee in another country and to be protected by this country, but who have not yet been recognized as a refugee.  A refugee is a person who have been granted asylum, and who therefore, have… Read more →