2015 – Adam Montandon

Adam Montandon Munkebjergvej 130, 5230 Odense M Denmark To Whom It May Concern: My name is Adam Montandon and I am an Associate Professor at Lillebælt Academy of Professional Higher Education in Denmark. I have had the pleasure to teach Ina Pura on her BA education program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship here at EAL. In this time Ina has been an excellent… Read more →


2014 – Darinur SRL Internship Recommendation Letter

Butta Ramona Darinur SRL Timisoara, Romania To Whom It May Concern: My name is Ramona Butta, and I had the pleasure to work with Ina Pura, aiming to open Darinur company here, in Timisoara, Romania. I have been very pleased by this enthusiastic lady and by her cheerful personality. We worked very well in team but also she has been… Read more →


2014 – Kent Karlsson

Kent Karlsson Lecture of Film & Animation and Visualization at Erhvers Akademi Lillebælt, Odense For: Ina Pura   To whom this may concern   I feel privileged to write in recommendation of my dear sparkling student Ina Pura. Ina started the course of Communication and Multimedia at MMD, Odense summer 2011. Through the 2 years plus at the College and through… Read more →


2013 – Michael Lundorff-Hansen

MMD Lillebaelt Academy Recommendation Letter When finishing my AP Degree, at Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education, in Odense, Denmark, Michael Lundorff Hansen, the director of Multimedia design and Communication department, wrote me a recommendation letter congratulating all my efforts and all my extra & curricular activities and achievements. It was a great honor also to receive a “Social Engaged… Read more →


2013 – H.C.Andersen Museum – Internship Recommendation Letters

Hans Christian Andersen Museum – Internship Recommendation Letters After half a year of working in collaboration with the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, that staff of the institution got to know me very well. Finishing my internship with great success, both managers from Hans Christian Andersen Museum wrote me recommendation letters, both in English and in Danish. Leading my great team with… Read more →


High School Recommendation Letter

My first recommendation letter is from English teacher Marius Stoicevici, a wonderful facilitator that helped and ease my development since an early age. The classes i had with him were a pleasure and were the first steps in building my confidence as a bilingual speaker. Read more →