TESOL Certificate from UNI-Prep University of Canada (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages – a term that is used to distinguish English language teaching as a professional activity that requires specialized training.)

In today’s global economy, knowledge of the English language has become a core need for any professional. This has created a huge demand for English teachers abroad.

Loving working with people, having abilities to teach and facilitate activities, courses or workshops, I knew this was something i needed to have in my pocket too.



Shaw Academy is an online institution with great tutors who are experts in their fields. Every lecturer at The Shaw Academy has a real passion for their specialty subject and a desire to instill this passion in their students. They have vast experience delivering both traditional campus and online education. And while being occupied all the time with projects, internships or jobs, it is a great platform from where I am continuing my education and expanding knowledge in the subjects that are relevant for my evolution and intellectual growth. For example in 2016 i managed to finish 3 online courses from this school, such as  Foundation in Blogging and Content Marketing, Diploma in Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

I am currently continuing my studies with the University of Edinburgh on nutrition and animal welfare matters.




Business and Crafts School Foundation from Timisoara, Romania (SAM) offers a variety of theoretical and practical courses.

Trainer Course is a dynamic well-structured development programme full of knowledge regarding adult training technique, while using psychology and communication.

ina formator

Having this EU accredited diploma, I am able to facilitate and teach youngsters and adult persons subjects that I master.



European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL/ICDL)

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) also known as International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL),  *they are recognised as equivalent* is a computer literacy certification programme provided by ECDL Foundation.

Computers and the Internet are an essential part of everyday life. People who lack the skills to use computers and the Internet miss out on a valuable resource and run the risk of being left behind.

As soon as the programme was available in my high school, i have applied for it,  attend it and went for the exams in order to get my diploma and have an official certification in the basic computer programmes.

Until 2013 the ECDL/ICDL syllabus was divided into seven modules.

These are:

  • Security for IT Users
  • IT User Fundamentals (Windows Explorer)
  • Word processing (Microsoft Word 2010)
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel 2010)
  • Databases Microsoft Access 2010)
  • Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint 2010)
  • Using Email and the Internet (Windows Explorer in Windows 7)

Additionally, there was an Advanced version that was divided into four modules. These are:

  • Advanced Word Processing
  • Advanced Spreadsheets
  • Advanced Presentation
  • Advanced Database



Popular School of Arts Degree



In 2007 i have started the Popular School of Arts in my hometown, Timisoara, Romania. During 3 years i was attending both my high school classes, as well as these courses.

In 2010 i have graduated with the highest grade, getting a diploma specialized in Graphics.


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